Why the need for Skinfood boxes?

Today, we are confronted with an overdose of impulses. Call it sensory overload causing stress and resulting in all kinds of ailments or diseases. Looking at the statistics, one will notice the continued increase in number of people suffering from mental disease like burn-outs and depressions. The sensation of touch on one’s skin has a relaxing effect on one’s mind and body and helps to restore one’s balance and well being.
Did you know that every single touch stimulates the nerve endings and activates millions of sensory cells, sending an impulse to the brain and activates a wonderful process. Touch stimulates the production of wide range of “feel good” hormones. This boost in production of hormones such as endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin will not only make you feel happier and loved, but will also reinforce your immune system, circulation, and metabolism. Hormone deficiency is one of the causes of a wide range of mental health problems, like depression, burnout, anxiety and plays a major factor in the aging process. Hormone deficiency can also negatively affect body’s general healing process.

So, as you can see from above, we are in need of touch, as a source of energy and well-being, and now is the time to feed that need.

Good health and sensuality are fundamental for our spirit. Moreover, sensuality and it’s energy may be one of the strongest energy sources within us and a major stimulant for good health and overall well-being. Our stressful life leads us away from this life source, and closer to all the negative consequences.
The majority of people nowadays find it very hard to connect with this sensual energy. We have become disconnected and too rational, losing touch with our body and our vitality.
We need to reconnect with our body, with all our senses; to once again feel the flow of this sensual energy.
Tantra will reawaken us, reintroduce us to our body, allowing us to feel our body, the sensual energy within us, and how to use this a source to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

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