What is tantric massage?

What makes tantric massage different? Tantric massage is broader than a physical massage such as a sports massage, where we only massage muscles. A tantric massage will not only work on a psychical level, but also on an energetic level, with sensual energy as our guide. We connect body, mind and energy during massage, making it possible to enhance the connection between giver and receiver. It’s very important to follow the different stages of the massage and to apply the tantric secrets, needed to conjure up, feel and move the energy. Moving the sensual energy creates waves of orgasmic pleasure and makes full body orgasms possible. You will learn to massage erogenous zones to arouse sensual energy and to further spread it through feather-light touch, Tantra breathing and other techniques. An orgasm is not the goal of the massage, but a pleasure to experience. Being together without expectations, sharing love, intimacy, passion and communicating on a deeper level are some of the main goals of tantric massage.

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