I’m Ellen Vanhove, Massage expert and tantra coach. Sixteen years working in this field has given me a vast insight into the healing power of a simple touch and the non-verbal body language during massage.
In our everyday stressful life and routine touching has become the most honest and unmistakable means of communication, but then we forget to touch. I call it the longing or hunger to be touched….
In our Western culture we barely touch one another. How many people practice self-massage? How many fathers and mothers massage their children? How many partners take a moment to massage each other? The need for touch is almost a basic need, like the need to breathe, to eat or to drink. As a fetus in our mother’s womb we already feel this need for touch. Therefore it is not too difficult to understand that together with our brain, skin is one of the important organs in your body and one of our primary means of communication.

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