Tantra Foreplay. Orgasmic Yoga

ORGASMIC YOGA to stimulate the central energy in our body. For many people sex is unrelated to yoga, it’s taboo, or something we do to relieve stress. The foreplay will help you feel connected to your partner and yourself, and to feel the sensuality in your body. Orgasmic yoga helps you relieve stress, build a stronger connection with your partner, enhance your libido and pleasure, improve your rest and concentration.
I am happy to share this with you, because it will improve every aspect of your life. It’s not just about having sex. Some people use it as foreplay, others use it daily to enhance intimacy with their partner and strengthen their relationship. During foreplay, alone or with your partner, you need to apply the following 5 Tantra secrets. Let go of your preconceptions, use the pelvic pump during every exercise, use thrusts especially when leaning back, the circling motions and caresses.
Feel like some foreplay? Let’s do this

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