Tantra Forplay Orgasmic Meditation

This meditation technique will teach you to feel connected and build intimacy. Many people hunger for a way to really connect. It’s an old tantric technique, modernized, to make daily practice possible. The KISS meditation will teach you to open your heart, bring down walls, experience real intimacy, give and receive energy. This meditation, the KISS connection, will help you to conquer intimacy issues, improve trust and relationships.
The K stands for Kinetic. It’s about reconnecting with your body and feel the vital energy flow. Many people are trapped in their heads, disconnected from their bodies. Our bodies hunger to be noticed. By connecting with your body, you will feel calmer and more relaxed.
The I stands for Intimacy. Meditation can be new or familiar to you, but with most meditation the focus is on introspection, but it makes you unprepared to connect with other people and stay relaxed when reconnecting to the outside world. We want to have stable and loving intimacy.
S stands for Sensuality. You allow yourself to feel your body. When you are inside your head, you forget your body. Connecting with your body awakens your senses. Tantra is a path to awaken your senses. It will help you open up, give and receive, to enjoy yourself and your partner.
The second S in Kiss meditation stands for Slowing down. Everything is speeding up, leading to stress. Focus on slowing down your thoughts, breathing and movements, to slow down your nervous system and relax. To feel and enjoy. By slowing down you can feel a deeper connection and experience more pleasure.

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