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Chocolate Bodylotion & Scrub Pralines

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The chocolate massage pralines are a luxury product, especially made to embrace the skin, pamper the soul and enhance intimacy. When applied to the skin, the praline melts and turns into a warm soothing lotion.

The chocolate scrub pralines are small, individually packed chocolate treats, full of nursing butters to feed body and soul. One or two pralines suffice for a total body scrub massage. To be used in the shower as a nursing shower ritual.

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Cooking box & Cooking video

A cooking video teaches you – step by step – how to prepare chocolate bodylotion and scrub pralines. All the ingredients and necessities are inside the box to prepare 150 gram scrub pralines & 100 gram bodylotion pralines.

All the products are organic. We use only pure and cold-pressed butters and oils to preserve their valuable nutrients, nurturing body and mind.

Also our packaging has been carefully selected and are handmade with environment-friendly chemical-free procedures. All papers are acid-free and made from lokta, mulberry bush, silk and cotton.

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In the Cooking box. What you get.

  • Cooking demonstration video
  • Bio cacao butter Chips 100 gr.
  • Virgin Bio coconut Oil 100gr.
  • Bio Beeswax 10 gr.
  • Bio Almond oil Cold pressed. 50ml.
  • Bio Lemongrass Oil 2ml.
  • Bio Peppermint Oil 2ml.
  • Bio cacao powder 25 gr.
  • Bio raw cane Sugar 100 gr.
  • Mal pralines

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