Enjoy your chocolate moment

Time for yourself, spending time with your partner, is the most precious gift today.

Chocolate skinfood invites you to share the language of touch with cacao and rediscover intimacy in your daily life.

A chocolate experience to enjoy with all your senses.

With Love, Ellen

ellen vanhove

By Ellen Vanhove

“In our hectic life, we are in need of touch, as a source of energy and well-being. It is time to feed that need.”

Today, we are confronted with an overdose of impulses. Call it sensory overload causing stress and resulting in all kinds of ailments or diseases.
The sensation of touch on one’s skin has a relaxing effect on one’s mind and body and helps to restore one’s balance and well being.

Good health and sensuality are fundamental for our spirit & Life power.

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Through video- cooking classes, we will guide you, step by step, on how to prepare a “Chocolate skinfood” products. The ingredients you will need are included in the box.

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